About us


 is  a progressive New Orleanian based, grass roots brand and collective of artists. We feature universal and multicultural artworks in the realms of surrealism, folk art,activism,political art, afro-futurism,psychedelia, and the abstract.

I collective was created as a catalyst to serve local and international artists as a platform and foundation to sustain and share our creativity and also to nuture,uplift,and inspire a positive universal consciousness,livity,and community of creatives,healers,teachers, and activists.Please contact us and or sign-up to inquire about the original artwork,commissions,installations,and collaborations.Artists that are interested are also welcome and encouraged to get in touch with inquiries about being featured artist in the collective.inspiration and light! 1❤




(1) VITAL, ORGANIC, NATURAL, WHOLESOME; refers to a way cooking and way of life.
(2) replaces the 1st syllable of selected words.
(3) replaces"me","you","my" with "I" (ex. inity, i self, iya, InI)
(5) the philosophical doctrine that all phenomena can be explained by natural causes and laws.
RIGHT/FORWARD speech eliminates you, me, we, they, etc., as divisive and replaces the same with the communal I (I&i). I&I embraces self and the congregation in unity within the Most I (High) in an endless cypher of inity (unity).


everything comes full cypher (360); within everyone is a trinity:(mind, body, soul) = 3 : knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding = 3 : sun, moon, earth = 3 :{3+3+3=9}. The 9th letter is I; a completion to ourselves;
The i Collective