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(1) VITAL, ORGANIC, NATURAL, WHOLESOME; refers to a way cooking and way of life.
(2) replaces the 1st syllable of selected words.
(3) replaces"me","you","my" with "I" (ex. inity, i self, iya, InI)
(5) the philosophical doctrine that all phenomena can be explained by natural causes and laws.
RIGHT/FORWARD speech eliminates you, me, we, they, etc., as divisive and replaces the same with the communal I (I&i). I&I embraces self and the congregation in unity within the Most I (High) in an endless cypher of inity (unity).


everything comes full cypher (360); within everyone is a trinity:(mind, body, soul) = 3 : knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding = 3 : sun, moon, earth = 3 :{3+3+3=9}. The 9th letter is I; a completion to ourselves;
The i Collective


ITALISTICS COLLECTIVE is a New Orleans-grown brand of authentic adornments featuring the artwork of Mankh (Albert Smith IV) and other local artists. 

Purchase products from the online store or contact Mankh to inquire about original artwork, commissions, and collaborations. Artists are encouraged to get in touch with inquiries on joining the collective.